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A Room of Her Own



Is the splitting of a subject the splitting of her soul?

I am fascinated by transformation, by the process of muting form still remaining faithful to your true self.

That is the question that led my series "A Room of Her Own".

The title is deliberately inspired by Virginia Woolf novel, particularly thinking about the concept of liberty that spreads from solitude.

It is about the artist who is into the wi(l)de field of creation, so alone in taking responsibility for what she is offering to the world.

The concept seeking crystal truth, I decided to realize the series in daylight, in a dry field, bringing an armchair to make the field something more similar to a room.

I wanted to keep it simple. Developing the pictures I only slighting adapted colors, when needed, to make them cohesive. Everything else is "as shot".

In an era where photoshop is so used, I needed to get back to my most emotive spaces, searching to get back the pleasure of creating simple yet powerful images.

My aim was first splitting to be then able to reconnect all the little pieces, getting out of the chair and reacquire the ability to break free.